The Japanese automaker used the Passport moniker for a model on sale between 1993 and 2002, though it wasn’t the spectacular success they were expecting since it was merely a rebadged Isuzu Rodeo.

The nameplate was thus killed off and the bigger Pilot came to life – it now seems the company is mulling the proverbial second chance for the name. Apparently, the rumor mill has caught wind of Honda filling for trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this past December, and it allegedly specifically rekindles the original trademark application made for the Passport back on May 11, 1993. This bodes well with the previous rumors about the introduction of a smaller version of the Pilot with just two rows – a model that would fit the slot in between the CR-V and the regular Pilot.

Production of this small Pilot – or Passport – is also coming up fast, with reports of September 2018 kick off at Honda’s Alabama plant. This means the automaker will debut the model either this fall, the coming winter or the spring of 2018. The model would use the Pilot powertrain rather than the one found on the CR-V in America – 3.5-liter V6 with up to 280 horsepower (208 kilowatts) and 262 pound-feet (355 Newton-meters) of torque.

Via Car and Driver


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