Honda is supposedly looking to create a city-sized SUV model that is smaller than the current HR-V in order to appeal to a bigger worldwide market.

While the Japanese carmaker is selling the Brio-based BR-V model in markets like Indonesia and Thailand, Stephen Collins, who is Honda Australia’s director, stated that “I’m sure you know there is a BR-V which is a Brio-based SUV. It’s primarily made for emerging markets, so at this stage it is not in our plans.” Collins also said that this market segment is however the following one to grow, pointing to the fact that a follow-up model could be more fitted for the Australian market and other ones, too.

Collins added that “My personal view is I think that is the next segment which is going to take off. So it will be interesting to see who is in there and who is first and who is not. Basically we are investigating it, so we need to investigate more and more. But … there may be some possibility.”

When asked about the next-generation CR-V, a line which did not make it to Australia, Honda Australia’s CEO did have some remarks on the possibility of a Honda seven-seater model.

“I think we are looking at everything. I think engine technology is an important point that we are looking very closely at. We are looking at how we can expand opportunities more into the lower end of the larger SUVs and the seven-seat question comes up. So we are exploring all of those opportunities,” Collins stated.


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