Report – Hyundai gives production ok to Santa Cruz pickup image

Presented quite a long time ago – at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show – the Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck has seemingly received approval for production, with a focus on the American market.

While the Mercedes-Benz X-Class isn’t going to make the jump across the pond to North America, it seems US buyers still have a stylish pickup to choose on the horizon. Arguably it comes from a way less impressive brand – Hyundai – but with the right styling for the series production model no one will really care. Michael J. O’Brien, the company’s U.S. vice president of corporate and product planning, refrained from advancing any production timeline for the new model, but did give away some details about other models in the range.

For example, the Santa Fe Sport is set for retirement to give way to a new generation sometime in 2018, while the seven-seat Santa Fe will follow early 2019. Next up would be the compact Tucson SUV, which should arrive in new clothes at the turn of the decade. The rumor mill, meanwhile mentions a timeline for the Santa Cruz midsize pickup – late 2018 as a 2019 model year. The pickup is apparently using the Tucson platform, with standard front wheel drive and optional AWD.

Via Automotive News