Report – Hyundai Ioniq EV to start growing its range to 250 miles by 2020 image

There’s a growing sense that automakers understand people will only feel confident about driving EVs when these are capable of providing a good driving range.

That means being at least theoretically capable of driving more than 200 miles during a trip. The fact has become obvious due to the huge popularity of the Tesla Model 3. And the rivals aren’t standing still. General Motors is planning to release the Chevrolet Bolt even before Tesla brings to showrooms the Model 3 with a comparable range of more than 200 miles on a single charge. Now we have a recent report tipping us to Hyundai wanting to join the high mileage – low price club as well. The US-spec Hyundai Ioniq EV (it also has a regular hybrid and plug in hybrid version) has been revealed during the latest edition of the New York Auto Show. It will reach dealerships before the end of the year and come with an estimated range of 110 miles. This is about standard for the big crop of electrics out there – including the world’s best selling model in the segment, the Nissan Leaf.

But during a recent interview with Byung K. Ahn, the company’s eco-vehicle performance director, it has been revealed there are expansion plans laid out for the model. Hyundai should bring to market a 200-mile Ioniq EV by 2018 and two years later it should bring 250 miles on a single charge. Most importantly for now is the pricing scenario – the Ioniq, the one going on sale this year, doesn’t have a price tag attached to it just yet.

Via Motor1