Report – Hyundai opting out of the “i” monikers image

The South Korean automaker is reportedly going to drop out of the classic naming convention that includes all models packaging the “i” letter. The only exception will be the i30 compact model.

It appears the global directive is to lose the “i” particulate, a rumor reportedly confirmed by Hyundai Australia chief operating officer Scott Grant, who spoke to local media and said the decision was worldwide and coming from the South Korean headquarters. “What we have been told is the i series, which has been successful in Australia and which researches very well here with consumers and did a great job for us, is not going to be adopted globally,” he explained. “It hasn’t been successful in Europe, Americans don’t like it and they’re big markets dictating direction so globally it’s unlikely the “i” concept will survive.”

Today, Hyundai is still offering identical model series with different names according to the regions. The compact hatchback of the brand is named i30 in Europe, but in America it has been named the Elantra GT. The axed Veracruz large SUV, on the other hand, was labeled as the i55 for a while – 2009 to 2011 – in Europe. “The next series of i30 will be called i30 again, but almost all other models – we’re seeing Tucson from ix35, Sonata versus i40 – I don’t think it will exist,” Grant added. So we should expect the compact to be named again i30 in Europe when the third generation will be introduced later this autumn during the Paris Motor Show.

Via Go Auto