Report – Iconic brand Volga could re-live Russian legend image

Famous in the past not only for its connection to the Soviet-era but also for its imposing luxury sedans, Russian brand Volga has been dwelling in a retirement home while its parent company, Russian automotive manufacturer GAZ Group, cooked something up.

The Nizhny Novgorod-based manufacturer has had its last vehicle named Siber, a rebranded version of the Chrysler Sibling for the Russian market, which died out back in 2010. According to local media, Siegfried Wolf, chairman of Russian Machines Corporation, GAZ Group’s parent company, has hinted at the brand’s upcoming return to business. The turn point is that it’s going to operate in a completely different segment – no more large sedans and wagons, hello light commercial vehicles. “I call it a transporter – a car that would be smaller than the GAZelle,” he commented. “Like the Volkswagen Caddy, for example.”

In case you don’t know the Russian market very well, the GAZelle is a family of light commercial vehicles, including pickup trucks, vans, and minibuses made by GAZ. The company is looking to bring back the Volga branding because the company had a reputation for “serious, dependable production.” “In my opinion, the Volga as a brand would be ideally suited to the creation of a car for, say, technicians, who need to transport a small amount of cargo and tools,” Wolf further explained. He also added a final decision on the matter has not been taken yet.

Via Vedomosti