Report – In Jaguar’s view the automotive design will be “reinvented” via electric powertrains image

According to a recent interview with Jaguar’s chief of design Ian Callum, the onset of electric vehicles will drive forward the “reinvention” of car design.

The executive in charge of styling at Jaguar commented that in his opinion in the coming 15 years or so the car design segment will change dramatically – more than it did in the past century – and that is mainly due to the development of electric vehicle powertrains. For example the electric powertrain will enable new opportunities to set up the vehicle’s interior space thanks to the improvements brought in terms of packaging. As opposed to an internal combustion engined car an electric vehicle has substantially less mechanical hardware and this enables increases of cabin space. Repacking the assembly is further influenced by the need to have the batteries at the lowest possible point – which means they usually reside under the floor – so an EV can tentatively deliver a more spacious cabin compared to the same arrangement in a regular car.

Callum added the advantages currently outstrip the disadvantages and in his opinion if we embrace the electric future designers will have more options at work. Not long ago Callum hinted Jaguar would present within the next couple of years a car lacking a “petrol engine” – and the rumor mill believes this will be an electric vehicle. It remains to be seen if he was talking about a concept or a production series model. We do know so far Jaguar has trademarked the “I-Type” and “I-Pace” monikers – so electrified versions of the F-Type or F-Pace, respectively, a re entirely possible.

Via Autocar