Apparently the spectacular Emerg-e concept was used as a preview for an upcoming electrified sports car – as the rumor of Infiniti going for an electric vehicle has been floating around for some time.

The company itself fueled the speculation – with the four door LE and great looking Emerg-e concepts – so the official confirmation of the production for one of them is actually not something unexpected. According to the media, the performance electric car will arrive sometimes by 2020 – and will also represent a sizeable investment because it will be underpinned by a completely new architecture unlike anything the company has on offer. In order to lower costs, it will still use some shared technology – namely the batteries, sourced from Nissan.

“We want it to have a unique Infiniti driving experience,” said CEO Roland Krueger. While the four door LE was a concept derived from the Nissan Leaf platform, the new Infiniti electric will be a pure sports car – and performance could be on par with the Emerg-e concept that offered a 400-horsepower (298-kilowatt) electric powertrain and rear-wheel drive. “When I think about EV, we design it for China definitely,” Krueger previously commented. In addition to the EV sports car, a more affordable electric commuter vehicle could also arrive soon afterwards.

Via Autocar


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