The Japanese automaker looks to increase its position and image in the luxury segment by delivering high-performance aura builders –with the new models placed inside the upcoming S performance roster.

The company is looking to bring to life the world’s first variable compression engine as soon as this year, with the scopes including an entire lineup of sports cars, complete with hardcore versions – developed with support from the Renaultsport or Nismo divisions. “Do we have to do this ourselves? Or do we have others who can do it for us in the Renault-Nissan Alliance? Renaultsport and Nismo are very good at performance enhancement and this is a discussion we are having,” commented Infiniti president Roland Krueger.

The upcoming Q60 Coupe is the first to appear and when it hits the market before the end of the year it will also get an S version. “There is a little red S on the Q60, and you will find it going forward on all our performance vehicles,” the executive added. But there will be different denominations of the S badges – “silver S for a performance pack, which will be wheels and some differentiation,” or it could pack a “blue S for our direct response hybrid, which is our performance hybrid.” The carmaker is also mulling the introduction of a performance version of the upcoming new QX50 crossover, as the high performance SUV sector is growing stronger by the day.

Via AutoExpress


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