The British automaker has been hard at work reworking its range of models and as such the XF has been refreshed while the company also introduced the all new XE and F-Pace, its first ever crossover.

Meanwhile, the flagship model has been showing its age now and the XJ that has been introduced almost seven years ago could do well with some improvements. We haven’t seen the XJ doing the rumor mill rounds lately but now a new report on the vehicle has surfaced and apparently executives have approved the build of a new generation that could reach showrooms as soon as the spring of 2019. So early in the development stage of course there aren’t many details but apparently the model sparked some internal controversies as some of the managers didn’t feel the model should continue – calling for its retreat due to limited deliveries. Others were boding the transformation of the nameplate into a top of the line crossover that would act as a brother model to the Range Rover Sport series.

Meanwhile the Mercedes S Class has proven so successful that executives finally decided the best way to go is to carry over the traditional sedan body style into a new generation, which should be previewed through a concept sometimes in 2018. There isn’t much to go about but since it’s the flagship apparently the prototype could also preview the company’s new design language and the production model will be even more upscale in order to truly compete with the top German players.

Via Autocar


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