Report – Jaguar Land Rover is on a moniker registration spree image

The British automaker has registered no less than 29 trademarks for potential future model names, including Westminster, XJS, Landy, and others.

We might be getting a huge assault of models from Jaguar and Land Rover – or it could be just the company’s desire to secure names for future endeavors. In this particular instance, they secured no less than 29 trademarks for model names, which is actually not that uncommon in the auto industry. This is also common for JLR, which has a habit of making larger trademark filings at once. This is not that interesting – but let’s remember that we first heard about the Toyota Supra comeback exactly through such fillings.

The new fillings from JLR meanwhile have to do with their regular lines and possible new electric variants in the Jaguar line, as well as performance models such as the P-Type and T-Type. Land Rover gets Westminster, Freestyle, Landy, and Range Rover Classic, as well as others. One very interesting trademark filling is the XJS – a label that hasn’t been seen on a Jaguar since 1990s. The company currently has some great performance machines – such as the F-Type SVR – but this filling might bring back something else as well: a large V12 for Jaguar to compete with the flagship luxury models of the world.

Via Auto Guide