According to a local US newspaper report, Jaguar Land Rover officials and the Georgia Governor Nathan Deal had an encounter in January to negotiate a proposed factory opening in the state.

While the reported meeting with Jaguar Land Rover executives was unconfirmed by Merry Hunter Hipp, a spokesperson for the governor, it was indeed confirmed that Dale made a series of “prospect calls” during a trip in England focused on economic development. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on the encounter, though it declined to identify sources – with the people refraining to reveal their identity due to the sensitive nature of such business communications. But the latest rumor corroborates with an October report by UK’s Sunday Times in which Jaguar Land Rover was reportedly negotiating with several southern US states to secure additional funding for a new factory designed to produce around 200,000 autos annually. A US plant would allow the British automaker to safeguard its profits from the adverse effects of fluctuating currency rates and also skip the import tariffs.

Jaguar Land Rover, the British luxury automaker acquired by India’s Tata Motors back in 2008 from the second largest US automaker – Ford Motor – has already moved to establish its first new factory in China – the globe’s biggest auto market. It also plans to open another facility in Brazil in 2016 as the automaker has continuously expanded its global presence and product range in recent years. The US south – where unions have been traditionally left out – has grown in importance for the country’s auto industry, with Mercedes, BMW, Kia and Volkswagen already having assembly facilities in the region.

Via Automotive News Europe


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