Report – Jaguar Land Rover thinking hard about new SVX lineup image

A new rumor fresh off the mill is suggesting the British automaker is contemplating the idea – more SVX-engineered and badged models to arrive in the future, both from Land Rover and Jaguar.

That’s right, the company is seemingly ready to give the green light to Jaguars with extreme off-road capabilities, according to suggestions from top level management. Moving back to the one brand entitled to further off-road capabilities, Land Rover, design chief Gerry McGovern has hinted the badge is of course appropriate for the Discovery family and, also, “arguably Defender.” The Defender SVX would be the “ultimate capability machine,” but the Discovery is “equally capable.” The manager has declined the idea of a Range Rover derivative with SVX credentials, though.

Now back to Jag – the brand’s design director Ian Callum has allegedly confirmed the SVX badge would be a good idea for their brand as well. “We don’t talk a lot about the [off-road] ability of our cars because they’re road-biased,” he explained. “But they could have that capability as we have the tech in the group. I see the opportunity – if Land Rover can do SVR, we can do SVX.” For now, the only SVX is the Discovery SVX, fresh off the Frankfurt Motor Show, using Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations’ ideas for their first special offroad project.

Via Autocar