According to a source close to the matters, the British union of Jaguar Land Rover workers has dismissed the last salary offer the management proposed and would move to ballot if employees wish to strike.

The trade union person is directly involved with the negotiations and said the union and the automaker had been in talks for weeks. The final pay rise offer coming from the British producer – a wholly owned subsidiary of India’s Tata Motors – involved a minimum 3% raise for each of the upcoming three years, and additional pension modifications and the introduction of a bonus system.

Jaguar Land Rover has been for years in the lower end of the premium spectrum when it comes to positive financial results, but since entering the Tata Group back in 2008, the automaker has respawned. Last year’s pre-tax profit of 2.5 billion pounds thoroughly exceeded the previous figure of 1.7 billion pounds. According to the person that shared the news about the rejection, the union has deemed the offer unacceptable because of the maker’s current financial strength.

A Jaguar Land Rover spokesperson confirmed the ongoing negotiations, final offer by the management and union rejection of what the officials considered a fair proposal that would balance “the longer-term needs to deliver sustainable business growth.”

Via Reuters


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