Report – Jaguar Land Rover would favor Austria or Turkey for production increase image

Jaguar Land Rover, the British premium Group owned by India’s Tata Motors, has been the subject of expert “gossip” lately, with reports circulating around the media in regards to the automaker’s desire to lift manufacturing capacity.

A new report now sees the carmaker favoring as a location to add production capacity Austria or even Turkey instead of the United States – the largest auto market for luxury vehicles. Earlier this month reports had been discussing the possibility of Jaguar Land Rover boosting its manufacturing quota by constructing a new plant in the South of the United States. According to the Birmingham Post, a newspaper headquartered close to the automaker’s UK base, the executives have now changed their focus towards lower-cost factory emplacements in Turkey and Austria rather than North America – with the daily citing top company sources. JLR has been surging since the British manufacturer was sold by Ford to India’s Tata Motors back in 2008 and has now opted to expand its manufacturing base outside the United Kingdom. The carmaker has already launched production at a recently opened factory in China in October and wants to start production at another location in Brazil in 2016.

According to the report in the Birmingham Post, the company has vetoed plans to further expand in its home base – it already has three facilities there and the UK incurs high laboring costs and saw recent pay clashes with the unions. The automaker’s current sales plans call for a record volume of at least 500,000 units in 2015 after delivering 462,678 autos in 2014.

Via Automotive News Europe