Report – Jaguar not willing to deliver smaller than XE model in the near future image

Rumors flying around the mill point to the British automaker researching the business case of a new base model to slot beneath the XE and challenge the Audi A3 and Mercedes A Class or BMW 1 Series, but the latest report put a possible production model further down the line than believed.

According to the report the entry-level model would not be coming this decade, even though during a recent interview Jaguar Australia managing director Matthew Wiesner commented the “trend toward small cars in premium brands is very strong and premium brands are doing well in that space.” But the executive also hinted an all-new entry-level model is “definitely not” set in stone during the company’s current product cycle. He did tweak the answer a little by saying the automaker still has holes in the lineup he would like to see filled even though the model is not scheduled to arrive before the turn of the decade.

Jaguar Land Rover’s iQ[Al] architecture might see its dimensions reduced to underpin a model that is smaller than the XE but as we all know such a move would be possibly prohibitively expensive and the end result would deliver insufficient space – at least as far as rear passengers are concerned. “Can a front-wheel platform live up to that ethos? I don’t know… that’s a decision for the guys in the United Kingdom to make,” the executive commented further when talking about an all new front-wheel-drive platform for such a smaller model.

Via The Motor Report