The British automaker is acknowledging the need for greener models and it appears according to rumors it has modified its strategy to fit in zero-emissions vehicles, such as a regular sedan and also an SUV.

There’s bad news associated to the green move though. According to sources from within the company, the mesmerizing C-X75 concept supercar we saw in action during the latest James Bond installment has no chance of reaching the production status. That’s even as an impressive powertrain has been married in outstanding looks that seem fresh even though six years have passed since the presentation. The heart and soul of the prototype was an engine developed with help from Cosworth – a turbocharged and supercharged 1.6-liter engine derived from Formula 1 was paired to electric motors for a combined total output of at least 850 hp and 1, 000 Nm. It appears another model is also being relegated to historic status as well – the four-seater XK grand tourer that we last saw in the XKR Final Fifty Edition.

The carmaker will release two electric cars in their places, most prominently a Tesla-inspired lineup. The first one is codenamed “X590” and should come up as a Model S competitor, packing all wheel drive and even scheduled to stand in the XJ flagship’s place after a while. The second will be an SUV that was first pegged as a Range Rover, out around 2019. The pure-electric crossover will have either a single-motor rear wheel drive layout or a dual-motor AWD setup, with different battery pack choices – just like the Tesla Model X.



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