Report – Jaguar organizes hush hush production launch for the F-Pace crossover image

It appears that Jaguar’s first ever SUV/crossover, the F-Pace, has secretly started its production run, as a photo surfaced online with what appears to be the first model to go off the assembly line.

According to word of mouth – aka the Internet – the event was private and occurred on January 24 – an official confirmation appears to be due out sometimes this week, though we’re not going to be interested in it anymore. There’s also the thing that models looking very production ready have been in the US since last year in December – we’re not sure if they belong to Santa or Jaguar simply used pre-production units. Anyways, the F-Pace is Jaguar’s most important model for 2016 and maybe the years to come as its success could lift the automaker to a First Tier level next to the roster of German (BMW, Mercedes, Audi), Japanese (Lexus) and American (Cadillac) luxury automakers.

The model depicted here appears to be wearing the R-Sport trim level, and most notably is not the S version – that one sports a pretty unmistakable “S” letter on the radiator grille. And this hue is most certainly the Italian Racing Red – we wonder were’s the patriotic Union Jack green – though we’re expecting the automaker to actually do battle with the Germans instead of the Italians in this segment. The F-Pace can be ordered already with a new Ingenium-family 2-liter diesel, while the 3-liter gasoline comes to the party with 300 hp. There’s also the S model, with the supercharged 3.0L V6 taken directly from the F-Type.

Via Listers Group Twitter