Report – Jaguar’s first EV will be the E-Pace compact SUV image

The British automaker has been holding the headlines in relation to its official involvement in the Formula E competition, and it appears the move is not without substance.

This is because the latest rumor off the mill indicates the company’s first electric vehicle will use technology trialed in the green competition – with the intended first Jaguar EV being the E-Pace compact sport utility vehicle. The model should come out to play across markets in 2018 and will feature a sporty design – with a low-slung roof and lots of performance features. Jaguar will thus not only deliver another SUV in its stable, but will also trump Range Rover in the race to have the first battery-powered model in showrooms.

The electric Jaguar is tipped for reveal before the year’s end and while there are no official details the reports are considering the E-Pace moniker – already trademarked – to be a distinct possibility. Apparently the new E-Pace will use the common Jaguar Land Rover EV platform that was presented last year during a green vehicle even in the UK. That project was called the Evoque_e then, but it appears now Jaguar has taken the lead and already has a signed off design. It is now believed the model will be smaller than the F-Pace and come with even more dramatic design in order to emphasize the sporty-oriented electric performance.

Via Autocar