Report – Jaguar’s I-Pace production to take place in Austria image

Automakers like Mini have been using Magna as their go to “coachbuilder” for lower production volume models – and even Apple was rumored to put the Austrians to work for their own car project.

The Jaguar I-Pace is clearly getting a production version – and one that will be very close to the concept we’ve seen during the Los Angeles Auto Show, especially in terms of design and powertrain. Now everyone would be expecting the automaker to build the electric SUV at home in Great Britain – but according to recent reports they chose a left-hand drive market to take care of assembly – Austria. This is because the rumors point out towards the model being assembled under license by Magna in Graz starting 2018. According to the reports Jaguar Land Rover chief Ralf Speth was the one confirming their groundbreaking model’s production location.

Magna has been a renowned specialist when it comes to vehicle engineering and contract manufacturing – it even handles some of the excess production needed by BMW for its new 5 Series starting next year. The deal also makes sense since they have been working as a supplier for JLR for years. The series I-Pace will be introduced next year and then after the 2018 production start in 2019 will have a full year on the market. The reports point out towards an annual production cadence of up to 13,000 examples.

Via Autocar