After shedding some light on the fact that FCA’s flagship brand Jeep will finally bring to life an eagerly-anticipated pickup version of the next generation Wrangler, the automaker also looks poised to deliver a new compact SUV.

We all know Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – the seventh largest automaker in the world – has its fair share of problems (despite posting an uninterrupted streak of sales increases in the US), one of them being the fact it’s basing its worldwide expansion on a niche brand – crossover and SUV specialist Jeep. Nevertheless this has been a winning card so far and to make sure the winning streak continues the marquee is looking to solidify its range of vehicles – we recently told you about FCA chief executive officer Sergio Marchionne confirming the much hyped pickup truck version of the Wrangler is a go – though fans need to wait a little longer, with the regular new generation out in 2017, the truck would seemingly wait until 2018 for a reveal.

Meanwhile, Jeep’s global chief, Mike Manley, while talking about the upcoming sales records, also let slip the brand would mark the New York International Auto Show in March with the introduction of an all-new compact sport utility vehicle – set to replace both the Compass and Patriot models. According to the executive, to ensure a sense of continuation, the new compact model would bring back the name of one of the aforementioned models. “We’ve got two very good names, two well-established names with Compass and Patriot that continue to perform very well,” he commented on the sidelines of the ongoing 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.



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