It appears the Hellcat fever is spreading as the Jeep chief executive officer confirmed on the sideline of the Detroit auto show that its Grand Cherokee sport utility vehicle would get the muscle car treatment.

High performance sport utility vehicles have become a reality about the same time luxury automakers such as Mercedes and BMW decided the segment is their next choice of interest – but we’re pretty unsure if the world really needs something to top out the already outlandish Grand Cherokee SRT. And Hellcat-ing the Grand Cherokee is delivering many mixed feelings – form the question of whether diehard fans would be driven away to an idea about having an accident in such a monster once the inexperienced driver inevitably trespasses the laws Newton established a while back. Anyways, the rumor mill has been at this one for so long the news the 6.2 liter hammer was being used under the hood of the Grand Cherokee didn’t hit us quite so hard as expected.

Mike Manley has now confirmed the V8 that drove fans nuts looking to grab the Dodge Challenger and Charge will now make the jump to the SUV sometimes “before the end of 2017.” By the way, the regular Grand Cherokee SRT has been able to hold its own against the more powerful rivals from Germany (Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, X5 M) or Great Britain (Range Rover Sport SVR) and we could see the upcoming 707 pony packing Hellcat version trying to go for the Nurburgring record of the latter.

Via Vvuzz


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