Report – Jeep concept coming with hybrid tech at Auto Shanghai image

The US automaker is going to pay a visit to the Shanghai Auto Show by presenting in China on April 19 a completely new concept, which should come in as a tad larger than the Renegade but still smaller than a Compass.

There are two blurry teaser images to work on for now – one writing in Chinese “This is not an April Fool’s prank” because it first surfaced on April 1 and the second one, much more conclusive at least in terms of official details reads something in the line of “Shanghai Auto Show, April 19. We’ll see you there.” As far as we can see, there are extremely thin, Cherokee-inspired headlights, as well as a slim front grille. From the side teaser, we can see an oddly positioned, retracted C pillar, as well as very thin taillights that enter the sides as well.

According to various reports, this new concept will feature a “new energy powertrain” – China’s term for plug in hybrids and full electrics. So, we could see it sport a plug in hybrid or even full electric powertrain. While we wait, we can be sure the mystery will be resolved either at the start of the Auto Shanghai 2017 event or sometime before, as is customary for large automakers to premiere online their novelties ahead of the main event to make sure they catch the spotlight all for themselves.

Via Indian Autos Blog 

Report – Jeep concept coming with hybrid tech at Auto Shanghai 1