Report – Jeep Wrangler pickup could use Ram parts, coming 2019 image

This is the year of the Wrangler for the Jeep brand, as the all-new generation of the iconic model starts production late this year, but that doesn’t mean afterwards they will let it slide – no, they also have a Wrangler pickup coming up.

The segment is huge in America and thus Jeep wants to snatch a piece of the pie, and with the introduction of a Wrangler-based model they have no fears of trespassing on the land of the Ram brand. But its turns out pickup fans looking to see their driveway fitted with the legendary seven-slot grille need to wait a little longer than previously expected – the people and goods hauler is now scheduled to arrive in late 2019 instead of late next year as it was rumored before. When this fabled model does arrive, it could actually have the chassis of the new Ram 1500 instead of the new Wrangler as everyone expects, though.

Apparently the delay is caused by the size issues at the Toledo, Ohio, plant that will manufacture the Wrangler – the northern part of the plant is handling assembly of the standard Wrangler, and all is well and expected to start production during the fourth quarter of this year for the new generation, But the southern half of the facility reportedly needs massive retooling for the pickup version. Ram is also looking to bring home some production of the heavy-duty truck – and if that happens it would be logical to have two vehicles sharing the same chassis.

Via Automotive News, The Detroit News