Report – JLR, BMW and Ford might cooperate for Tesla-style battery plant image

Jaguar, BMW and Ford are allegedly sitting down at the discussion table to cook up a partnership for an assembly facility handling the batteries needed for their upcoming electric cars.

It appears Tesla Motors is the new role model for the green part of the automotive industry: cook up an affordable electric with big range, GM checks it; come up with huge Gigafactory for all the batteries you need, Volkswagen allegedly follows suite in Europe. Now another three automakers are reportedly following on the second idea – none of them has officially confirmed the fact – but sources allege the officials from the companies have already met to set the basis for the potential cooperation. Jaguar doesn’t have yet any electric model, but BMW and Ford are already well versed in this department – with the insider claiming all three are interested in the potential collaboration because it would dial down manufacturing costs.

Jaguar has already confirmed the rumors pertaining to its first all-electric production car, while Ford is already en route to deliver the Model E – an all-electric car on an all new platform that could span a whole family of models. BMW already has its electrics, but it wants to expand the portfolio and all three are interested in owning their own factory because it would reduce costs and shed reliance on external battery suppliers. The new battery plant should become active fairly quickly as well, with the report – which should be taken with a pinch of salt, as always – claiming it would be finished and ready to produce by the end of the decade.

Via The Times