Report – Kia to bring fuel cell model to life in 2021 image

As part of the South Korean automaker’s strategy to cut CO2 emissions it will allegedly bring a standalone hydrogen-powered Kia model within the next four years.

According to a recent media interview with the company’s chief of marketing for Europe, Artur Martins, the development of the new unique hydrogen fuel cell model has been confirmed to be under way. He was scarce when detailing the new model but confirmed it would be large enough to use internal combustion engines, hybrid and electric powertrains and also the fuel cell setup. “It is not clear what kind of body style the cars will have, but it will be dedicated models rather than using an existing donor car as we do now with the ix35,” added Kia’s chief of uel cell research, Dr Sae-Hoon Kim.

He referred to the Toyota Mirai as to why there are major benefits to using a specific platform for the fuel cell car, as the main characteristic is that cooling can be integrated better. Kia’s proposed new generation fuel stack will be about the same size as a 2.0-liter combustion engine, making it 15% more compact and lighter but also capable of offering a 10 percent increase in performance. This means a maximum speed of about 105 mph and a range of 500 miles between refills. Additionally, Martins also confirmed the Stinger – the current company flagship – has not been programmed for a fuel cell version.

Via Autocar