Report – Kia Venga pushed away by the new arrival Stonic image

The South Korean automaker has just revealed its all-new Stonic subcompact crossover and the brand is treating it like the star attraction of the family for the year.

The carmaker thinks it will attract a younger audience as well as new customers, with internal studies being cited to reveal 21 percent of buyers are now discarding the traditional hatchback in favor of something a bit taller. According to Kia’s European Chief Operating Officer, Michael Cole, the Stonic is set to remain the sole option for the B segment from the brand, because allegedly the small Venga MPV is not going to be around for much longer. Apparently, a new generation of the Venga would be “difficult to justify.” We agree – and Opel did too, killing off the Meriva already. And we could go on with other examples.

This is of course because customers in the B segment want crossovers, not small MPVs – and this means the Venga will be sent to greener pastures once the current generation has run its course. The Venga was introduced back in 2009 and received a facelift in time for the 2014 Paris Motor Show – the MPV is based on the previous generation Rio, and has slowly slid out of favor with customers ever since.

Via AutoExpress