Report – Kia’s new subcompact crossover nicknamed “Stonic” image

The South Korean automaker has allegedly trademarked the new name and according to the rumor mill it is destined for the company’s upcoming B-segment crossover.

Kia is delivering a high-end option for its buyers in the new Stinger this year, but it’s also catering for more popular segments, allegedly. In the next few months the band will unveil their first subcompact crossover, which might be named “Stonic” if we are to trust the rumor mill. Apparently the automaker has trademarked the name and they will use it for the B-segment crossover, which is also getting a brethren in the form of the yet to be baptized Hyundai subcompact SUV.

This is not the company’s first ever subcompact crossover because Kia has been selling the KX3 model on certain markets – including the world’s biggest, China. Back in June 2016, Kia Australia COO Damien Meredith revealed the introduction and production location – and also suggested it will be tasked to directly compare to the Mazda CX-3. Both the Hyundai and Kia models will be showcased this year and go on sale in Europe and the United States, as well as other markets. While the Hyundai model will be the first to arrive officially, the Kia might be the funkier of the couple as it will take some cues from the 2013 Provo concept we have pictured here.

Via Kia-World