Report – Lambo SUV to be manufactured in Slovakia image

According to insiders from Volkswagen, which spoke to German publication Automobilwoche, the Lamborghini Urus SUV would be built Volkswagen Group’s factory in Slovakia, beginning with 2017.

The same sources, which asked for anonymity when discussing plans not public yet, said that Italian’s brand luxury SUV would use a modified iteration of VW’s MLB platform that is also used for the future generation Porsche Cayenne.

Alongside the new Urus SUV, the plant’s group in Bratislava would use its production lines for the Cayenne, VW Touareg, Audi Q7, whil also making the bodies for the future ultra-luxury Bentley SUV.

To prepare for the upcoming model additions, Volkswagen moved to install the group’s biggest metal press in Bratislava, capable of producing both steel and aluminum body panels – with the automaker intent on increasing the use of reinforced aluminum in its future SUV models to cut weight and increase fuel efficiency.

Besides Lamborghini and Bentley’s SUV introductions – which aim to tap expanding demand in China, Russia and the Middle East from wealthy buyers – the competition is also increasing its presence in the segment. Maserati plans to introduce its new Levante model next year, while BMW’s Rolls-Royce is drawing near to a decision on entering the segment.

Via Automotive News Europe