Report – Lamborghini has big plans for the Huracan range image

According to a recent report concerning the strategy of the Italian exotic manufacturer, the Huracan family is expected to expand with Safari, Speedster, Barchetta, SV, Targa, and GT3 Stradale versions.

Arguably the oddest of them all would be the first – because the Safari seems to imply some kind of off-road capability for the supercar. It might be something along the lines of the Giugiaro Parcour, a Lamborghini Gallardo-powered supercar with hardcore off-road capabilities thanks to the lifted suspension, all-wheel drive and adapted chassis. Apparnetly the idea hasn’t gone unnoticed by the top brass and it might get the green light as part of the planned expansion for the V10-powered supercar. The “Safari” would thus get AWD, four-wheel steering, and plastic body cladding as part of a more rugged body design. According to sources from within the R&D division, the model would be offered as a coupe and roadster, coming with all terrain handling capabilities.

The report also speaks of the other Huracan derivatives – such as the hardcore performance SV and GT3 Stradale, along with open-air Speedster and Barchetta flavors. Moving on, the flagship Aventador is set to arrive at the turn of the decade in 2020, still packing a naturally aspirated V12 7.0-liter good for around 800 horsepower. Still unknown if it will make it in the real car, there’s also a possibility to get electrified with front motor, raising combined output to 1,000 hp and a torquetastic 885 pound-feet (1,200 Newton-meters) of torque.

Via Automobile Magazine