Report – Lamborghini Huracan Performante coming to Geneva image

The exotic sports car manufacturer’s latest and greatest Huracan is currently in the making and the rumor mill is expecting its arrival in front of the worldwide audience at the Geneva Motor Show in March in coupe and Spyder flavors.

The name Performante is optioned across the rumor mill because it has been retained by the automaker at an European patent office, suggesting it’ll be used for the lightweight Lambo instead of the usual Superleggera moniker. The track-focused model, which should arrive this spring at the first European motor show has been spotted undergoing both cold winter testing and some serious Nurburgring high-speed chasing, and could be using ultra-light body panels because it might get rid of metal panels in favor of carbon fiber bits.

This is due to our eager eye spotting the Becker Carbon name, a company specialized in supplying Formula One and Le Mans teams with carbon fiber parts, meaning it could have a major contribution to lowering the overall 1422 kg kerb weight of the regular Huracan. The model’s mid-mounted 5.2-litre V10 engine is also expected to undergo some fine tuning with a new fuel injection technology as seen on the special Huracan Avio – bringing even more power.

Via Autocar