While the Italian exotic manufacturer is ready to deliver a plug-in hybrid powertrain inside the Urus SUV further down the line during its model life, for the sports cars it wants to keep using the traditional V10 and V12 options.

According to rumors, the Italian automaker is weary of electric powertrain options because of clashes with Lamborghini’s attitude towards handling, and they are also worried about pricing issues. Maurizio Reggiani, the brand’s Research and Development chief, recently commented during an interview plug-in hybrid electric vehicle technology needs to become even more affordable than it is today. “If you talk about super sports cars at the moment, the PHEVs, the electric energy, in general, it is difficult to think it is suitable for a super sports car, because that means weight and packaging – otherwise we cannot achieve handling,” commented the executive.

This new report is interesting though because it apparently clashes with earlier ones that pitted Lamborghini next to Audi in a bid to partner into the development of an electric sports car platform, perhaps to be used to underpin a fourth model for the exotic manufacturer. “With regard to hybridization in our super sports car segment, I do believe that we still have years that we can stay with the actual structure of the [current] engines, both V10 and V12,” was cited CEO Stefano Domenicali as well. That won’t be the case with the Urus SUV, as the model packs a 650-hp V8 in the standard configuration and will be offered with a plug-in hybrid powertrain later on, a first for the brand.

Via CarAdvice


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