Report – Land Rover Defender goes worldwide image

It’s been out of production for some time now, but fortunately a new and improved generation is coming out – and according to the latest rumor it’s coming out globally this time.

The legendary Defender “died” in its current form last year, after continued production of more than three decades, with disdain from off-road enthusiasts all around the world. But what dies in the automotive world won’t stay dead for long – and fortunately the Defender won’t return in zombie form. A new generation is diligently in the works, although JLR is certainly taking its sweet time developing it – perhaps in a bid to separate the new Defender from the old one. And changes are apparently drastic, as per the rumor mill, because Land Rover is set to kill off the body-on-frame architecture for a modern unibody construction, even if that means also lowering the old-school vibe.

According to a new report, the Defender will be using the D7U unibody construction currently used for the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. It’s an aluminum-intensive platform that’s lighter and also with common use it means it’s cheaper. Design boss Gery McGovern revealed in an interview the new Land Rover will have different body styles, not too many retro cues but still remain instantly recognizable and the most capable vehicle in its class.

Via Automotive News