Report – Land Rover Discovery SVX is coming image

The British manufacturer is apparently looking to solidify its reputation of proud hardcore off-roader now that the Defender is on a break, with the company looking ready to introduce a Discovery SVX version.

The possible extreme off-roader has been a favorite of the rumor mill since way back in 2015 – and it was already supposed to be out and about. We’re not well past the deadline, but it seems the company hasn’t given up on such a project and it’s still keeping it on the pipeline. Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) chief John Edwards hinted about such a vehicle on the sidelines of the Geneva Motor Show, adding he was dreaming something “between Paris-Dakar and Camel Trophy.”

Unfortunately, no specific details have been leaked, though we might be looking at the interesting Discovery that sat next to the Range Rover Velar show-grabber at the Swiss event. It’s the Project Hero (pictured), a one-off vehicle that was specifically modified for use of the Austrian Red Cross as a communications vehicle – complete with roof-mounted aerial drone. Throw in some SVO suspension and power upgrades, and the Disco SVX is complete. In addition, Edwards promised the company would deliver a new halo car every year “for the next three or four years.”

Via Auto Express