Report – Land Rover further postpones new generation Defender to 2019 image

The iconic Defender has been retired off the production line this year after decades of uninterrupted production and it appears we’re in for a heavy wait for the successor.

That’s because the latest report is putting Land Rover ready to deliver the new generation of the model sometimes in 2019 – so fans of the model that was manufactured for 68 years need to be in for the long haul if they want a piece of the new model. It appears the creation of a true replacement for the timeless model is a high priority at the British automaker, but they still have to deliver the business case for a model that now sells in low volumes and also would have to come up with an affordable price tag (for a Land Rover, that is). In order to save research and development cash (time apparently is not an issue) the successor would share many of its components with an existing nameplate – the Defender is not expected to sell more than 50,000 units per year when production resumes.

And sharing components gives us a pretty good idea of the internals: aluminum monocoque structure, longitudinal engines, all-independent suspension, all-wheel drive setup with low-range gearbox and a transfer case might all be in the menu. The rumors flying around the mill in the UK are also calling for classic Defender dimensions and a roster of different body types and at least two wheelbases. A prototype that would detail the upcoming Defender is also not expected until 2018, with the production model coming up the next year.


  • CockneyblokefromReading

    A Joke. LR doesn’t know what it’s doing when it comes to the model that made its name! If Mercedes beats it to it with a new G Wagon then sales of the new Defender (if it ever comes!) will be hurt badly.