According to the latest rumor flying around the mill, British specialist automaker Land Rover may be ready to develop a ruggedized Discovery version, dubbed the SVX.

There are very few details about this upcoming all-terrain dominating model but according to British media the Discovery SVX (name not confirmed) will most probably be penned by Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations and should be offered after the 2017 Discovery gets official in around a year or even 18 months. The model is expected to be the off-road counterpart of the incredible Range Rover Sport SVR and will bring aside from a set of design enhancements a wide array of high-tech off-roading equipment. Reports are even looking at the Land Rover Discovery Vision concept for things to come as it could have previewed some of the systems that Land Rover intends to implement on its models in the near future.

Most importantly it had the Laser Terrain Scanning system, and updated Terrain Response system, as well as that unique and quirky “see-through” hood which had cameras delivering high tech images in live footage to a special head-up display. “We have taken the opportunity with the Sport SVR to go right, and SVX gives us a chance to go left. It’s clear that a result of that will be that the Land Rover proposition will benefit overall — we will be amplifying the core brand values,” are the comments of JLR Special Vehicle Operations Managing Director John Edwards, which thus hints towards the introduction of the SVX.

Via Autocar


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