The new generation of the Land Rover Defender has been confirmed on numerous occasions, and now after the interest to resurrect the older model by a third party it appears the company is moving to protect its legacy.

New trademark fillings have showed Land Rover is going to present an all new generation of the Defender, with JLR also looking to protect the famous name from any interference ahead of the 2019 introduction of the new model. Jaguar Land Rover has moved to refill the trademark to the Defender name in the Philippines on 4 August, after doing the same with the European label earlier in May. Both applications are pending but signal the plans to deliver a new generation – allegedly in 2019 – are still in motion. “The Defender remains a key part of our future product strategy, and the development of the next generation model remains on track as does our ongoing Land Rover Reborn programme, through Land Rover Classic,” commented a JLR representative for British media.

The final Defender went out the factory gates back in January and there are numerous rumors flying off the mill concerning the next-generation model – including the strategy for a wide lineup that would even include extreme off-road SVX-badged versions cooked up by JLR’s Special Vehicle Operations.

Via Autocar


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