In the world of extraordinary off roaders much anticipation exits – Mercedes is working on a new G Class, Jeep is virtually finished with the new Wrangler and Land Rover is making fans die with the very slow development of the Defender.

To possibly ease the wait for the highly anticipated all-new Defender, Land Rover’s chief of design Gerry McGovern has talked about the legendary off-roader that was sent to greener pastures in January 2016 after no less than 68 years of uninterrupted production. Fortunately this wasn’t a sendoff into the blazing sunset, and just a slight R&R period before the new generation comes next year, according to British reports on the subject. Officially, the automaker’s head designer is only claiming the next-gen model is “not far away,” without being specific.

McGovern did reveal about the design of the iconic model that it will honor its predecessors, but without taking up the evolutionary path as we have seen with the other iconic nameplates like Wrangler and G Class. Land Rover is seemingly looking to cater to new clients, but “You’ll be able kick the hell out of them and they’ll get up for more,” so fans of the original ruggedness don’t need to worry either. Reports are claiming the Defender will switch to the new aluminum-intensive platform also underpinning the Discovery, and still come with many different models, short and long.

Via Automotive News


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