Report – Land Rover wants military tech in your car image

The British automaker is looking to spice up your upcoming Range Rover with some military tech – a recent patent talks about a multi-mode central tire inflation system that adjusts pressure based on encountered conditions.

Land Rover has snatched a patent for a central tire inflation system that could make off-road journeys much easier – and might even enhance fuel efficiency. Central tire inflation systems are common on military vehicles and off-road transporters – Land Rover takes the idea on the high-tech road by having the system automatically inflate or deflate the tires to specific pressures depending on the driving mode – based on sensor data or at the driver’s request. Land Rover’s patent illustrations show on-road, economy, off-road, and recovery modes for this system, each with specific tire pressure levels.

The economy setting would see more pressure for improved fuel efficiency while cruising but when heading off-road, the system would first the legal minimum for use on the street – when speeds drops even further the pressure does too, and if the vehicle gets stuck the system would release even more air to increase the surface contact area. With Land Rover’s iconic legacy in terms of off-road prowess, this system would be a natural way to enhance its prowess – especially on flagship models such as the Range Rover series.

Via United States Patent and Trademark Office