Report – Latest Ford Fiesta might not jump across the pond image

The all-new, seventh generation Fiesta is apparently impressive, according to the first media inputs, but that might not be enough to handle the declining segment sales for passenger cars in America.

Apparently, a final decision is yet to be made, but slow B-segment sales in the last couple of years – since the rebirth of the SUV and truck segment – have made executives consider not brining the Fiesta to America anymore. Ford’s B-segment vehicle program manager Robert Stiller has reportedly hinted the company’s strategy in the segment has seen a change of view: “The previous model was a global Ford product, and with the new generation, we are targeting only Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In North America, especially the U.S., China, and Latin America, the demand for such vehicles is declining, and we are reacting accordingly.”

The new Fiesta is only being assembled in Cologne, Germany – and has just two body styles, three- and five-door hatchbacks. The model does have its vast areas of personalization – with a active lifestyle version, a premium model and also one for the sporty fans. On the other hand, it’s a strong showing in Europe, where it acts as a top selling nameplate for Ford – and on a global level it’s almost on par with the best-selling product of the company, the Focus compact.