Report – Lewis Hamilton to add the latest McLaren P1 to his spectacular garage image

The British supercar manufacturer – also a renowned Formula One participant – has recently added to its racing stable the P1 GTR variant of its flagship street supercar model.

The model was also linked to the steering wheel and F1 car of race champion Lewis Hamilton – and in a strange but very convincing coincidence it appears a new report has surfaced, claiming the P1 GTR and Hamilton will become even closer acquaintances. Sources told The Supercar Kids that the Formula One superstar had the idea of adding another model to its packed garage after he recently registered another win at the Bahrain Grand Prix. The model in cause is a blue P1 GTR spotted in Monaco and it is believed it would reach his already spectacular garage soon. Besides the shade, the P1 comes equipped with gloss black wheels and rear view mirrors, a blue carbon splitter, roof snorkel, and rear wing. If the reports pan out, Hamilton is en route to complete today’s supercar Holy Grail – or Trinity – or name it any way you like, it’s that day when a gearhead owns the McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder.

Back to the P1 GTR, the model is designed to compete with the LaFerrari FXX and has been introduced just a few weeks ago during the days of the Geneva Motor Show. It’s a follow up to the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance P1 GTR Design Concept – and it’s not legal to drive on the roads. Making it a track-only model has allowed McLaren to tinker as it pleases, lifting the power-to-weight ratio of the “normal” model by more than 10 percent – to at least 700 hp per tonne.

Via The Supercar Kids, Carsnco