The Japanese automaker has some pretty big plans – literally – going for the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, as revealed by recent patent fillings coming from its corporate parent, Toyota.

Lexus is allegedly hitting the Tokyo Motor Show taking place this fall with an expected seven-seat version of the RX sport utility vehicle, dubbed RX350L and RX450hL, in a bid to rival the Range Rover and others like it. The version will go head to head with the Volvo XC90, Mercedes-Benz GLS and upcoming BMW X7 – Lexus posted the trademarks for the nameplates earlier this year and according to local media it will release the new version early next year.

The company is also apparently moving ahead with the introduction of the production-series version of the UX base SUV, according to the patents – though its longer development time might push it towards the latter part of next year. The new entry-level SUV taking inspiration from the Paris Motor Show UX concept will arrive as a replacement for the unsuccessful CT hatchback – with the fillings showcasing different versions: UX200, UX250 and UX250h. Back at the Paris auto show, Johan Van Zyl, President and CEO of Toyota and Lexus in Europe, commented “This UX concept is all about anticipation and Lexus’ unparalleled knowledge in the SUV market. We are ready for the next chapter of a bolder Lexus SUV – the UX concept.”

Via Autocar


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