Report – Lexus trademark points to LS fuel cell image

A recent trademark filing uncover in the United States points towards Lexus getting ready to present the often-rumored hydrogen fuel cell version of the LS flagship.

According to an April 24 filling, the Japanese luxury brand – part of the Toyota corporation – has decided to secure the “LS-FC Concept” moniker for use on “automobiles and structural parts thereof.” There have been numerous rumors about the possible introduction of a hydrogen-powered LS fuel cell, dating back years – but only recent has Lexus actually hinted at a possible interpretation, with the presentation of the LF-FC concept with a hydrogen-fueled powertrain. The links are clear – since the prototype also previewed the new generation’ LS styling. Coming out with a fuel-cell-powered LS would almost surely mean Lexus has adapted the powertrain fo the Toyota Mirai.

And if the powertrain also takes cues from the LF-FC concept, the hydrogen-fueled LS would us all wheel drive thanks to four separate electric motors – but even as they presented the prototype the Japanese company has remained mum on the system’s power output and the available driving range. The US filling also suggests this is a US-show bound concept, appropriate times being the Monterey Car Week in the summer or the Los Angeles Auto Show in the fall. If the LS fuel cell then becomes a production car it would most likely premiere around 2020 – to become the technological flagship of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Via US Patent and Trademark Office