Report: Lincoln may launch Mustang-based coupe in late 2015 image

Ford is willing to do pretty much anything to revive its Lincoln luxury brand, and that may include launching a rear-wheel drive coupe based on the Ford Mustang.

According to a report from Ford Inside News, the launch of a Lincoln coupe would represent a “last chance” effort for the company, following previous moves that included renaming the brand Lincoln Motor Company, setting up its dedicated design and engineering team, and own advertising plan.

Now it seems Ford is finally listening to what the media and automotive fans have been asking for Lincoln: a rear-wheel drive car. Ford Inside News wrote that speculation about a rear-wheel drive Lincoln has intensified recently, with a Mustang-based coupe being in the cards for Ford’s luxury brand.

However, a condition for the RWD Lincoln to be launched is the success of 2013 MKZ and of the 2014 compact CUV. If one or both these products fail, Ford could shut down the Lincoln brand for good. But if these products are successful, Lincoln will launch its Mustang-based coupe in late 2015 as a 2016 or 2017 model.

Ford Inside News learned the RWD Lincoln should be powered by a member of the Nano engine family, most likely a 2.9-liter EcoBoost V-6. Also, the Lincoln coupe would have a slightly larger wheelbase. As for the name, a Mark Series nameplate would seem appropriate, as nearly all previous Lincoln coupes sported a Mark name.

  • Laurance Marvin

    Oh My GOD…..This is the is what happens when your idea of design comes from the ugly side of hell !!

  • Timothy

    If Ford is willing to do pretty much anything for sales, i'd suggest one word; Product. And so far, all I'm "seeing" is the talk…