Report – Los Angeles Auto Show tipped for Alfa Romeo Stelvio introduction image

Alfa Romeo has finally presented the entire Giulia range during the ongoing Geneva Motor Show and now the Italian automaker’s plans are reportedly calling for the crucial premiere of its first ever sport utility vehicle.

Apparently the word flying around the mill calls for the crossover to be launched this year, allegedly during the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. If the Giulia experience is any indication, we’re still a rather long way from actually seeing the Stelvio (name not official yet) in dealerships – the Giulia was first seen last year and the automaker is still not ready to accept orders just yet. The model’s name has been recently tipped as being the Stelvio and the reveal came from a pretty official source – during a meeting between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne and workers at the Cassino plant where the Giulia will finally hit the assembly lines from March 14. Now the rumors are re-centering around the upcoming new introductions of the automaker, with the SUV being slated for this autumn to feature its world premiere.

The report is also citing a rather reliable source: Alfa Romeo and Maserati chief Harald Wester, who was quoted as commenting the crossover “is going to be presented I would say in one of the important auto shows in autumn.” Fans and specialists are hoping the release cycle will be faster than Giulia’s, with first production vehicles coming out of the plant during the fourth quarter of the year and sales kicking off early next year.

Via Motoring