Report – Lotus might deliver an SUV under Geely guidance image

More than a decade ago Lotus came up with their first peek into the crossover segment – the APX (pictured), a not so great looking “Aluminum Performance Crossover” that ultimately never came to life.

Now, according to the latest rumor coming off the mill, the British exotic manufacturer is going to have another shot at lightweight glory in the highly popular and disputed crossover segment, thanks to the inclusion into Geely’s growing automotive group. The company is going to have new parentage before the end of the month once the deal between Geely and DRB-Hicom – worth $65 million – will be finalized. Geely board member Carl-Peter Forster believes Lotus “brand image hasn’t faded,” a statement made on the sidelines of the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, when the executive also pointed out the company has great prospects to surpass its annual sales result, which is what we may call “puny” – at 1,500 – 2,000 units.

Forster, also the chairman of Geely-owned London EV Company – the firm producing the famous Black Cabs – mentioned the Chinese company is already enamored of lightweight construction, with the new LEVC TX using an aluminum architecture similar to what Lotus uses for its cars. This means Lotus could work with the British brethren, and start selling “any size of car” while actually staying true to its credo – lightweight, great handling to performance ratio cars.

Via Automotive News