Report – Lotus production mostly in UK, not the SUV image

The British sports car manufacturer is getting a very sweet deal with its new parent Geely – as the group has a huge resource pool and there are numerous ways to achieve synergies for future models.

Lotus can take the world – Geely is well known for the way it conducts business when dealing with its subsidiaries, giving them access to huge loads of cash and not interfering with management too much. So Lotus is now confident to plan ahead for its next generation of vehicles – and according to a new report nobody has to worry the British heritage will be lost. That’s because the new sports models will continue to carry the staple of the make’s Norfolk, England assembly facility – while others, more complex – such as the new SUV, will be localized elsewhere.

The Lotus crossover is spearheading the new model offensive. “There is a niche within that [segment] for a Lotus crossover that is light and aerodynamic and handles like nothing else,” company CEO Jean-Marc Gales said in a recent interview. “The amount of work over the next three years will be massive. We’ve shown what we can do on limited budgets – imagine what we can do with a shareholder that wants to invest in an iconic brand,” he added. “We stay in the UK for sports cars, what we do for other cars needs defining.” Just looking at the resources pool from Geely and we can immediately imagine the “light weight, aerodynamics and handling” of the Lotus SUV, corroborated with powertrain technology from Volvo, for example, including plug in hybrid.

Via Autocar