Report – Luxury sedan and SUV are coming in 2019 from Detroit Electric image

The company’s first vehicle – the SP:01 – hasn’t even been out yet but the Tesla Motors competitor is already trying to ramp up the development process to deliver two new models before the end of the decade.

Similar in style with Tesla, Detroit Electric is looking to begin its electric journey with a small series electric sports car. And the similarities don’t end here – in a copycat scenario the Detroit Electric is also using the Lotus Elise as the base. This apparently doesn’t bode well with CEO and former Apple exec Albert Lam, who says “we’re not trying to follow Tesla.” We’re going to argue with that… Because according to the latest rumors on the company’s plans, they’re going to be nothing like Tesla as they strategically introduce an all-electric luxury SUV and sedan. That would be after the SP:01 is officially introduced and hopefully racks up some sales, some range records and a huge fan base. Yes, nothing like Tesla, no, no.

Well, these two new models should be expected on the market in 2019 and they will be sharing a new architecture that will not be borrowed from another automaker. The company looks to sell 50,000 to 60,000 vehicles per year when both the sedan and SUV hit the market at the same time. While Detroit Electric is based in Detroit, the SP:01 is being manufactured in the UK and main markets of interest are the Netherlands, Norway, and other parts of Europe.

Via Electreck