The Indian multinational is apparently ready to make do with its wide portfolio of companies – integrating them into a project that has to do with a range of autonomous electric cars.

The Indian technology and automotive giant Mahindra has a wide base of choosing – it has under its belt six automotive brands, four IT names and a bevy of other companies that have a focus on production and technology. And it appears the Formula E team was not just a flick, but a part of a wider strategy that involves the development and production of a range of autonomous electric vehicles. According to Mahindra CEO Anand Mahindra, the wide range expertise will be crucial for the group to be able to gather the brands around and deliver intelligent mobility solutions, which includes a lineup of autonomous electric cars. “Having one of the largest IT companies in India [Tech Mahindra] as part of your group, it’s not a bad thing to have,” commented the executive. “They’re already doing an enormous amount of work with other companies – which we cannot name – on autonomous vehicles. A lot of their technology will go into our cars and our EVs.”

According to the manager, the newly created range of cars will be using the Mahindra badge, which is very uncommon in Europe. For example, in the UK the only Mahindra is the e2o all-electric model. The details stop here, with the top brass at Mahindra not looking to say when or how many autonomous electric cars will be released. One thing is for sure, according to the company’s executive director, Dr Pawan Goenka, the technologies would be used by other brands as well, such as Ssangyong and Pininfarina.

Via Autocar


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