We all know Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is not the best performing automaker out there but we have to admit its CEO Sergio Marchionne is among the most renowned executives out there.

And that’s precisely due to declarations as the one snatched from the manager when asked about the possibility of a future production Ferrari sport utility vehicle. If you didn’t do your homework we may remind you that ultra-luxury crossovers are all the craze these days (Bentley has it, while the rest are all officially planning, from Lamborghini to Rolls-Royce) and Sergio Marchionne also acts as the chairman of the recently gone independent Ferrari. Marchionne’s response was a cheerful “you have to shoot me first” when asked about the trend and when it would also infect Ferrari.

So, we’re pretty clear that manager No. 1 at Ferrari doesn’t want to see the prancing horse logo slapped on the grille of an SUV. But he’s also made it adamantly clear the auto industry needs to pack things tighter as he looked for a possible merger acquisition of FCA – and no one apparently listened. And he’s riding against the wave as well: Lamborghini will have the Urus, Aston Martin is also looking to deliver a crossover and even Rolls-Royce will produce a rival for the Bentley Bentayga – in more than a few years, we know. There are some arguments to his case – he said there is a “strong backlog of orders” for the brand’s current lineup and since production is capped each year the automaker has insured both exclusivity and sales for years to come.

Via bloomberg.com


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